Gorkhaly Foundation brings relief to Kumpur VDC

Gorkhaly Foundation brings relief to Kumpur VDC, Dhading District in wake of disastrous earthquake.
June 4, 2015: Kumpur is one of the hardest hit VDCs in the Dhading district by the recent Earthquake in Nepal. The serene, hilly geography off of Trishuli River from the main Prithvi Rajmarga (Highway) was home to 13,761 people living in 2,476 households.

The earthquake claimed 57 lives in Kumpur, and completely destroyed 80% of the Homes. Majority of Kumpur inhabitants are living in makeshift shelters built from what was salvaged from the ruins, and are braving the monsoon.

Although, just across the major Prithvi highway, the geography of Kumpur makes it inaccessible by road. Locals walk up and down the hilly terrains for up to 4 hours to either get to the highway or to reach their homes. People in Kumpur have begun to migrate to other wards/villages because of the damage done by the earthquake, not only to their homes, but also to the land where once their homes stood with deep cracks and crevices making it a highly unsafe environment.
Our team members who travelled to many areas in the VDC this month to extend relief on behalf of the Gorkhaly Foundation expressed deep sorrow seeing the plight of the locals, but was also inspired by the human stories of resilience, and the commitment of the local to rebuild their community.
What we did with 2,500 USD?

Gorkhaly Foundation partnered with Magnus Consulting Group- a leading social enterprise in Nepal that works with rural agriculture cooperatives, including those in Kumpur to offer relief to those affected by the earthquake. After careful selection and coordination with partner cooperative through Magnus, 12 families were provided with tarps (size 15” x 12” suitable for harsh environments incl. monsoon). This supports the larger goal of the cooperative, which plans to distribute a total of 108 tarps to the 9 wards of Kumpur through their intermediary groups.
We are grateful to the community for the letter of appreciation and we are once again happy to deliver relief where we can- quickly and effectively.

Over the next week, we will share information of the beneficiaries and provide a breakdown of expenses. (Neither us, nor our local partner Magnus charges any overhead and bears all logistic costs and HR expenses incurred.)

We are also in the process of collecting data-including damages/ loss of livestock, agriculture and other structure such as schools and health posts. With the existing long-term partnership with the cooperatives through Magnus Consulting, Gorkhaly Foundation, and other interested individuals and organizations can track the status and updates of the surviving families. This way, contributions, donations as well as volunteer efforts are documented, coordinated and we foster transparency and accountability.

Relief to Rebuilding: Shelter, School and Agriculture needing focus

As we gear up to support rebuilding, efforts, Gorkhaly Foundation and Magnus Consulting Group both feel the need for ongoing relief and assistance especially with Monsoon around the corner.
The recent earthquake has not only taken away lives, and destroyed infrastructures but has also brought life to a complete standstill- it has created widows and single mothers, and orphans and left the elderly all alone. It has destroyed crops, and livestock’s and washed away irrigation canals. Children have no school to go to, and women have no health posts for attended delivery. There are too many areas to rebuild, and Kumpur like many of Nepal’s villages needs all the help that it can get.

Out of 2,500 USD, 1500 was used for purchasing 120 tarps of which 12 have been distributed in Kumpur. Next community we are dispatching help to is Okharpauwa, Nuwakot which is similar to Kumpur- where relief efforts have reached households close to the Trishuli highway, but not gotten to the disconnected ones still in need of relief supports. We are on our way there, and will update you shortly.