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Gorkhaly Foundation – Ambassadors

Gorkhaly Foundation Ambassadors are special volunteers committed to taking part in fund raising efforts and serving as a liaison between Gorkhaly Foundation and the broader community. Each Ambassador’s efforts are crucial to the success of the Gorkhaly Foundation. Ambassadors are asked to work with the Foundation’s Board and core volunteers on special activities to advance the Foundation’s efforts and reach, and to share their story.

Young Ambassador – Maya Pandey 


The Gorkhaly Foundation’s Young Ambassador Program’s goal is to bridge the distance with sense of identity and culture among American- Nepali youth. We have been very fortunate and proud to call Maya Pandey, an eighth grade student in Fairfax County, our first Young Ambassador.

Maya’s dream was to create a Children’s Learning Center in Barpak, the epicenter of the 2015 devastating earthquake in Nepal, for the youth to have a safe place to gather, play and read.

Maya launched her ambitious campaign in February 2016 via Gofundme with an initial goal of $5,000. She spent 5 months fundraising from selling cookies and speaking at events at the George Washington University, which led her to surpass her goal by raising close to $6,500. This ultimately led her to make a trip to Nepal along with her mother, Manisha Aryal, and our community partner in Barpak, Bir Bahadur Ghale.

In June 2016, Maya landed in Kathmandu and bought over 800 books, furniture and building materials to ship to Barpak, Gorkha.  She spent several weeks building and setting up the center one nail at a time. By the time she left Nepal in August, Barpak had a library/learning center that has become a vibrant center that brings students of the village to gather, play, read books, and do their homework. The center is located near the center of Barpak and is maintained by the seniorstudents of the village. This experience created a stronger connection to Nepal for Maya and has equally increased her desire for more philanthropic work. We, at the Foundation, are all very proud of her achievement.

Moving forward, we intend to periodically follow up on the daily operations and maintenance of the Learning Center, and provide any support it may need to be sustainable and enhance the needs of the youth’s education.

You can read Maya’s wonderful experience in more detail at her blog at: https://medium.com/@mayapandey

Gorkhaly Foundation Ambassador – Nabina Basnet


Gorkhaly Foundation takes immense pleasure in introducing it’s ambassador – Nabina Basnet. She is a Commercial and Public Icon, Former Beauty Queen, Model Trainer and Choreographer, International Event Juror, and Multinational Event Host. She has a degree in Media and Television from Richland College – Dallas. Nabina Basnet will engage in public advocacy and use her commercial success, talent and reputation to fund raise and advocate fundraising where authorized and in accordance with the applicable regulations, rules, policies and procedures of the Gorkhaly Foundation. She will deliver goodwill and/or promote Gorkhaly Foundation’s projects and accomplishments in all media activities including Social Media and regularly promote Gorkhaly Foundation in all future events and opportunities. 

Nabina Basnet’s achievements and accomplishments:  

  • Miss Nepal US 2014 – Chief of Jury Talent Show
  • Miss Nepal US 2013 Board of Directors – Media and Public Relations
  • Miss Nepal US 2012 – Trainer
  • Miss Nepal US 2011 2nd Runner Up
  • Ana Fashion Extravaganza 2012 – Chairperson
  • ANA Fashion Extravaganza 2011 – Choreographer/ Model Coordinator/ Public Relations Officer
  • Top 10 Women to Watch – 2012 by VOW Magazine
  • Outstanding Contribution to International Nepalese Artist Association
  • CyberSansar.com Brand Ambassador
  • Outstanding Contribution to ANA Convention 2012
  • Excellence award – Creating awareness about Nepal Elections 2013

Nabina Basnet’s Magazines and Media Coverage:

  • Nari Magazine Cover Page
  • Saptahik Magazine
  • Vow Cover Page and Inside Pages
  • Vibes Magazine Cover Page and Inside Pages
  • CyberSansar.com
  • Everest Times NY
  • Washington Post Online
  • NepalNews.Com
  • TexasNepal.com
  • Flyers and Posters of various events