In the 1960s, influence of western music reached the foothill of Nepal along with the hippie culture. Artists like Bob Seger, Mick Jagger and George Harrison were regular visitors to places like Jhochhen, now also referred to as “Freak Street”. This also gave birth to the fusion of western rock and blues with century old Nepali folk music. Mukti & Revival is a product of that era still laying the foundation of Nepali Folk Rock and Blues. Mukti & Revival is Mukti Shakya, Roshan Kansakar, Sunit Kansakar and Nikhil Tuladhar. Still gracing the trademark hat, Mukti has become one of the founding fathers of Nepali Folk Rock and Blues.

On the bass, Roshan Kansakar who also plays for Newaz, and is seasoned veteran in the Nepali rock scene for over 20 years. Sunit Kansakar, one of the founding members of Robin & Looza, is on guitar. Finally, pounding on drums is Nikhil Tuladhar, who has played with Nepthaya, Trikaal and numerous other groundbreaking acts. Sunit and Nikhil are also founding members Kanta dAb dAb, an instrumental classical group who just finished a successful European tour.

With four albums under their belt and shelf full of awards…we bring you MUKTI & REVIVAL to America. This will no doubtingly rock, but most importantly, also raise funds for the Gorkhaly Foundation earthquake recovery projects in Nepal.
See you there.


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