Rebuild School in Barpak
Purchase of land for earthquake-destroyed school in Mandre, Barpak

Barpak had seven schools in 2015 that were all demolished by the 7.6 M earthquake and recurring aftershocks. After the earthquake, schools were operating from unsecure makeshift tents and huts, even in freezing temperatures and rain. Shree Bhagawati Lower Secondary School, a government institution with over 800 students (55:45, Boy:Girl ratio) is one of these schools. The school is a high performing lower secondary school in Gorkha district and has 4 teachers appointed through the Government of Nepal, 4 local educators, and 3 assistants. The school is run by a Principal, appointed by a board of directors that represent various sectors of the community.

In consultation with the village, Gorkhaly Foundation sought to secure land for the reconstruction of the school, since the land that the school was earlier in was no longer considered a safe zone. The school with help from local leaders also secured commitment from Um Hong Gil Human Foundation (UHGHF) for funding of overall construction costs with the condition that the school secures its own land. It was not possible for the school or the community on their own to come up with the capital required for the purchase of land at this stage. The community and the school however did mobilize USD 15,000 to contribute towards the overall costs.

The decision to purchase land for the school came after a series of discussion with the local community, school principal and board, local leaders, UHGCF, and a review of data on student population, needs assessment, and prioritization of rebuilding projects.

With land and construction secured and funded, the school is now at a better position to serve the needs of the students. Complete construction of the school building is expected to be completed by the end of the 2017. Minimal fees raised through student enrollment and monthly fees covers partially the operational costs while the rest will be covered through the VDC education budget that the school has been receiving and seeks to continue being funded for.