Our Impact

Gorkhaly Foundation delivered power generator “Urja” to Barpak, Nepal, giving 1200 families access to food and light in wake of disastrous earthquake.

Washington DC, May 29, 2015: Gorkhaly Foundation delivered a power generator (Urja) to the village of Barpak on May 25 (a month after the devastating earthquake), and it is now fully in operation. Urja (meaning energy in Nepali) is the name given to the diesel generator typically used for power supply in places like Barpak that have lost all connection to power grids.

While permanent access to energy will be in the long-term goals for Barpak, Urja will serve the immediate energy needs of the village. Urja will supply electricity to run the village food mill that will feed 1200 households giving it short term food security, will directly support lighting for temporary- shelters, health post, local businesses, and schools, and will provide energy for strategic rebuilding.

On Urja’s arrival, local community leader and Ashoka Fellow Bir Bahadur Ghale responded with gratitude saying,  “We got the electricity line from the generator yesterday. From tomorrow we will start the mills to grind flour and rice. 1200 families will have access to food, and to light.  Also, communication is key, everyone has a mobile phone, and if they can easily charge their mobiles, I hope that it will make their lives easier in many ways. I would like to give many thanks to all our well wishers in the US who worked through the Gorkhaly Foundation and Nepal Ko Yuwa to make this happen.”

Medium term: Aiming for Self – Reliance

  • On May 25th, one month after the devastating earthquake in Nepal, Gorkhaly Foundation has delivered ‘Urja’ a 50kVA diesel generator to the village of Barpak. This generator has been supporting the village’s immediate electrification needs.
  • Supplying electricity to run the village’s food mill and saw mill that will provide food and means of building shelter for 1200 households.
  • Directly supporting lighting for temporary- shelters, health post, local businesses, and schools.
  • Helping provide energy for further strategic rebuilding.

Long-Term: Infrastructure Rebuilding

  • In conversation with local private companies in Nepal to set up a micro-hydro facility and supporting other infrastructure needs.
  • Helping local partners make necessary connections with potential investors abroad.
  • Funding the construction of a Community Center which would be a space for local residents, tourists and businesses to thrive.
  • Supporting business planning and proposal writing.
  • Supporting long-term housing solutions for residents once the Nepal government has announced its housing expenditure plan

Gorkhaly Foundation is an all volunteer group based in Washington DC and a partner in a global collaborative campaign “Nepal Rising,” which is led by Nepal Ko Yuwa, a 501 (c)(3) compliant nonprofit organization.